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Email Marketing in Lubbock

You may spend more time on social media than you do on your email, at least outside of work, but the statistics remain true that email is a great way to get someone’s attention. For as many people are on social media, more have (and regularly use) an email account. Additionally, statistics have shown that you are more likely to generate a click to your website from an email than a targeted advertisement through social media. Email marketing is prime opportunity to reach people who may otherwise ignore the advertisements on the corner of their social media feeds or not see them altogether. When used effectively, email marketing is more than another message in someone’s spam or trash folder: It is a tool to attract customers and get information out. Your Web Pro is proud to offer email marketing services in Lubbock to help your business grow!

What Is Effective Email Marketing?

Email marketing is more than randomly blasting a group of email addresses with spammy headlines that are little more than clickbait. In fact, email marketing campaigns are specific, targeted, and have a definitive goal. At Your Web Pro, we only send emails to those who want them. Effective email marketing is not spamming inboxes with dozens of messages a week. Rather, it involves sending emails to people who are interested in your service or business and a frequency that makes it useful, not annoying.

Your Web Pro Lubbock Email Marketing

Our email marketing services include tools that help us see how effective your reach is so we can maximize effectiveness. Detailed reports allow us to see who opens your email, who clicks on the links, who marks as spam, and more, and we make sure to share these reports with you so you can get an idea of what your campaign is achieving. This helps to build more effective and well-crafted email campaigns to get your message as targeted as it can be.

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